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Have a festive, joyous, whimsical performance at your carnival or circus themed event! I do roaming or stationary performances with bright colors, magical face paint, dramatic props, and upbeat dance moves that dazzle the crowd! I am available to perform in Austin, Texas and surrounding cities! Choose the costume and music to match your personal event, perfectly!

The show can include giant Isis wings, silk fan veils, rainbow poi ball spinning, flag spinning, veil poi spinning, fan dancing, double baton twirling, sword balancing, fire props, and LED props! This show is perfect for openings, launches, birthday parties, school carnivals, La Hora Loca, and more!

Click Here to view carnival videos!

carnival videos
LED Rainbow Stage Show at Art-O-Rama, ATX!
Circus Themed Fire Belly Dance Promo
Kids Rainbow Circus Clown Flow Show
Jester Promo Video
Jester Performer
Carnival Dancer Mystica Fiora with Stilt Walker Jamie Angelica
Circus Fire Eating
Carnival Clown Dancer
UV/LED Clown Dance! Carousel - Melanie Martinez HD
LED/UV Isis Wings and Pod Poi Circus Show!
Mystica Fiora Grandstand Austin LED Poi
Mystica Isis Wings at The Grandstand, Austin
Mystica Fiora at The Grandstand Austin - Starforce
UV/LED Circus Fan Veils/ Flag Poi Show!
Ellie Goulding - Lights Mystica's Rainbow LED Dancing!
Mystica Mardi Gras Entertainment!

Carnival Video Gallery: Please View in HD

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