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Invite a mermaid to your party to enchant your guests! I will create a magical ambiance and a memorable photo opportunity for guests of all ages. At adult parties, guests are delighted by an ambient swimming mermaid, photo opportunity, promotional model, mermaid dancer or mermaid greeter! At children's parties I read stories, sing songs, play games, apply face jewels, and give out wish bracelets! If there is a pool, I love to swim! At "dry land events," I sit poolside or on a shell throne!

Click HERE for TWO mermaids! 

Click HERE for mermaid videos!

Ask About Hiring Two MermaidS!

Mystica Mermaid Kids Party Promo Reel Rainbow Tail
Mystica the Mermaid Sings with the Kids!
Mystica the Mermaid at Astronox Festival!
Spooky Siren (Mystica the Mermaind) for campus Halloween Party!
Mystica the Mermaid Dancing with Kids!
Mystica Fiora
Mystica the Mermaid Dancing! Kids Mermaid Party, ATX!
Mermaid Dancers Mystica and Bliss ATX
Mystica the Mermaid Swimming at Retirement Community!
Mystica the Mermaid Swimming at Kids Mermaid Party, ATX!
Mermaid Dancers Mystica and Bliss!
Mermaids for Hire ATX! Mystica and Bliss
Mystica the Mermaid Swimming - Blue Fin
Mystica the Swimming Mermaid!
Gothic Mermaid with Fire Fans! 😮
Mermaid Videos

Video Gallery: Please View in HD

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